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I am Victoria “Tori” Warwick, your handbag lady. While traveling to Hong Kong in 2017, during some free time, I was perusing a local marketplace. There I saw a handbag that was literally illuminating in the sun! I had never seen anything like that before. The more I looked at it, the more impressed I was with its features and quality construction. I knew it was coming home with me. In 2020 Tori’s Treasures was founded and happily these interesting handbags, with their variety of styles and colors, have become an integral part of my line. I never tire of the testimonials I receive from people regarding the compliments they receive on their handbags. And who wouldn’t enjoy that!


I just want to thank Tori for all the wonderful purses she carries. I can’t stop getting compliments whenever I’m out and about. She has such a variety of colors and styles any female would love! And not to mention she’ll meet you anywhere you’re available to share her trunk show of Tory’s treasures!
Pauline Hampton

“What an amazing find! These purses are so nice, durable and fashionable. I get compliments everywhere I go. I even asked Tori for business cards to help promote them. I started out with just a wallet, now I have two wallets, two bucket purses, a small cosmetic bag, a clutch bag, a computer bag and a large purse. The geometric design is the best part of the purse. You can never have enough purses. They come in different sizes and colors.”
Sandy B.

I am so happy to have found Tori’s Treasures. I love the handbags – I have 4 of them and look forward to adding to my collection! No matter which one I am carrying, someone will compliment my bag. My most recent was a cashier followed by the male security guard as I was leaving a department store. I love that that the bags come in different sizes and the color choices are amazing! I’m so glad to have found this company.

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